Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Orphan block . . .

II used to think there was no reason to have an orphan block.  Actually the term startled me when I first heard it.  But since that time I have made an orphan block or two myself.  Like this one.  

The day started out harmless enough. I finished a quilt on deadline and took the day to tidy up my workspace.    That's what I do when I have absolutely no more space to work at my cutting table and cannot walk around my room without tripping.  While sorting and tossing (not much of this) I came across these components and the instruction sheet.  I rewarded myself for a morning well spent and sat down at the sewing machine.   I may unearth others in the near future but this was today's surprise.

There is a wonderful quilt shop in Tucson, The Quilt Basket, on Tanque Verde.  They had a program, might still have one, called First Saturday.  They had a quilt block, like this one, available in two different color ways.  You bought the block, for a nominal fee, and the next month, if you brought back the previous month's block assembled you would get the current month's block to make for free.  Neat promotion, yes?  I didn't get to participate in many of the months but I think there may be more in my inventory.  I was taking the Arizona Centennial Baltimore Blocks class simultaneously and had enough homework to accomplish in a month so I didn't get many made, as I recall.

Anyway, this colorway was somewhat Oriental in theme.  The gold fabric is glitzy.  The green and purple are normal.  The center block is floral and has gold and glitzy parts.  The white is little gold squigglys on a white background.  

I will put this away with a couple other homeless blocks and concentrate on my 1790 Love Entwined quilt.  I am already 3 months behind on that one.  

Thanks for stopping by.

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